Once a payment is successful and the order is complete our in house system will automatically assign you your code, which you can find in your orders tab in your account. In some rare cases your code delivery may be delayed by up to 12 hours, as we may need to carry out further security checks. We will notify you if this is the case.

Tp protect ourselves & our customers against fraud, sometimes an order will be placed on hold. Your order will then be manually verified by one of our agents. This can take up to 12 hours, we will contact you via email should we need more information.

All of our products in store have displayed the activation method (Steam,Origin,PSN etc)
Please see the appropriate FAQ on this page for guidance.

Yes you can get a refund, as long as the code has not been revealed and a substantial time has passed, please see our terms & conditions page.

You can withdraw your points as a cash payout by going to the My Account page, then navigate to the Cashback section. Your points balance & available cashback will be displayed on the top of the page, fill in the form confirming your redemption method (PayPal or Debit card).  Your refund will then be processed within 24 business hours.



* Sign into your Xbox LIVE account
* Navigate to the “Marketplace” and select “Redeem Code”
* Enter code and the points will be added to your account.

* Sign into your Xbox LIVE account
* Select “Manage Account”, then “Memberships”, click the plan you want
* Select “Redeem Code”


* Sign into your Playstation account and navigate to the “Playstation Store”
* Select “Redeem Code” from the dropdown menu
* Enter the code of the game / membership and click “Redeem”


* Make sure you are signed in to your Steam account
* Click on “Games” on the top menu
* Click “Activate Product on Steam”
* Follow the on-screen instructions to redeem your code.

* Log into Origin with your EA account
* Click on the “Origin” menu on the top left
* Click “Redeem Product Code”
* Carefully enter the game code
* The game will then be added you the “My Games” section

* Some games in store require you to activate the game via the developers site, EG Diablo 3 is activated on battle.net

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