Nintendo Switch Online Individual – 3 Months – UNITED STATES

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Multiplayer in retro games


The multiplayer function aside from modern games with online functionality, thanks to the membership, is additionally present in a number of NES and SNES games. In some of them, like the Super Mario Kart, you can play with players across the world, while in others, you can switch controls with your partner or give them tips appearing on their screen.


Save to the Cloud


The online membership allows you to use the Cloud to save your progress in the games as well as use it as a backup in case of malfunction. Additionally, it is possible to move the Nintendo Account to a different console only if you have the membership. This option is only available to the compatible games, so you need to make sure, you can back up your data.



Online communication and special offers


With the Nintendo Switch Online  membership, you can communicate with other players via voice-chat through the Nintendo Smartphone App. The experience of a number of games can be additionally improved by the extra functionality of this app, like browsing shared content or statistics in others. One more feature that the online membership gets you is exclusive offers, such as products, unavailable to buy anywhere else, vouchers and more.

online games store download play
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