Fortnite – Fleet Force Bundle + 500 V-Bucks

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The Fortnite – Fleet Force Bundle + 500 V-Bucks Nintendo Switch eShop key is up for grabs for everyone that wants it! Originally available for those that buy the special edition Joy-Con Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle, now all Nintendo Switch console users can enjoy these unique skins and a nice V-Buck bonus without buying additional controllers. Unleash your creativity and make your character uniquely you by getting this bundle, which includes the Electri-claw skins for the harvesting tool, a new Squad Sail skin for the glider and a much-need 500 V-Bucks bonus. Don’t miss the chance to improve your overall Fortnite experience – buy Fortnite – Fleet Force Bundle + 500 V-Bucks key today!

Enter the arena in style

Give your avatar a makeover with these exclusive Fortnite skins and immerse yourself into the world of Fortnite! The game features three modes: Save the World, Creative and the most popular of the bunch – Battle Royale. Play Solo or form a squad with friends and fight on the remote island until only you remain alive! Enjoy a game with a rewarding progression system, a variety of content, and unique building mechanics inspired by games like Minecraft. While Fortnite’s stylish cartoony graphics are reminiscent of games like Overwatch or Team Fortress 2, cosmetic items, like the ones included in Fortnite – Fleet Force Bundle + 500 V-Bucks Switch eShop key, truly bring the game to life like nothing else!

What to do with 500 V-Bucks?

The Electri-claw Harvesting Tool skin and Squad Sail Glider aside, you’ll also increase your in-game balance with 500 V-Bucks. These can be spent on items featured on the Fortnite Item Shop or by purchasing the Battle Pass. This way the exclusive Fleet Force Bundle key will not only unlock the listed unique cosmetics but also season-exclusive items that are earned through in-game progression. With a single purchase, you can massively expand your Locker and enjoy a completely personalized gameplay experience!


online games store download play
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