Luigi’s Mansion 3

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The suite life

You’d be surprised what attractions can be found in this hotel! From a pirate-themed restaurant to a medieval castle and even…a pyramid, each floor of the hotel has its own unique theme.

Work your way through each floor one-by-one, solving paranormal puzzles and battling trouble-making ghosts along the way.

Ghost-hunting gadgets!

He may be cowardly, but Luigi’s no stranger to a little ghost hunting – and the ghoulish guests in this hotel have overstayed their welcome!

Use the Strobulb to catch these pesky phantoms by surprise, then reel them up with your souped-up vacuum cleaner: the Poltergust G-00.

These ghosts won’t go down without a fight – in fact, some have come up with crafty ways of escaping. Unfortunately for them, Luigi’s got some new tricks up his sleeve too.

A squishy sidekick

In a hotel like this, you’re sure to encounter some obstacles too great for Luigi to handle by himself. In these situations, call upon Professor E.Gadd’s latest creation: Gooigi!

This gooey, green doppelganger can use his…err…gooiness to squeeze through tight spaces, walk across dangerous spike-laden floors, help lift heavy objects and overcome all sorts of contraptions.

online games store download play
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