New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (US)

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Evil Bowser once again plans to imprison Princess Peach. With the help of the Koopalings, he managed to get into Peache’s castle. Using a huge, mechanical arm the villain has thrown Mario and his brother Luigi out far away and now they must find their way across the new land back to the princess. During their journey, they will encounter seven Koopalings.



New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe



While conquering the worlds controlled by Bowser’s servants, brothers are getting closer to the Peache’s castle which now plays the role of Bowser’s stronghold. During the adventures, Mario and Luigi will come across many challenging enemies like Kamek, an old and powerful wizard known as Magikoopa, who plays the role of Bowser’s advisor, Nabbit, a purple rabbit-thief, Bowser Jr., the son of Bowser and the heir to his throne, or Goombas, one the most recognizable enemies of the Mario franchise.






The game is an example of a classic two-dimensional, platform, arcade game. Following long-time tradition, the player’s goal is to complete numerous diverse levels before the time limit and collect the coins scattered across each level.

The game requires a big amount of reflex as each level is full of traps, enemies, or environmental obstacles. In addition to that, from time to time, the player will have to deal with challenging bosses. It is worth mentioning that New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe offers entertaining multiplayer gameplay in which up to four players can cooperate to complete levels, or compete in the Challenge Mode, during which they must collect more coins than their opponent, or be faster while completing the level.



NSBM U Deluxe



Additionally, NSMB.U Deluxe is a great choice for everyone who wants to introduce his family to the Mario franchise. The game is optimized for less-experienced, younger players, and includes plenty of helpful hints and reference videos.




Renewed edition of the most famous, classic arcade platform game! One of the best selling games for Wii U, adjusted specially for Nintendo Switch!


Once again, the Mushroom Kingdom needs your help! Bowser once again imprisoned Princess Peach – help Mario and Luigi to save her!


Plenty of challenging enemies and levels! Defeat seven Koopalings and conquer their world to rescue the Princess!


Meet old friends and enemies! You have a unique opportunity to meet numerous famous characters, iconic for every member of the gamers community!


Deluxe edition! It includes New Super Luigi DLC and two new playable characters: Nabbit and Toedette!

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