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New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for PC developed by Amazon GME Studios Orange County and published by Amazon Game Studios. The game, based on historical events of colonizing the New World in the 1600s, is set on a fictional island Aeternum, inhabited by all sorts of magical creatures. The player takes part in an expedition to colonize this new land. The gameplay of NW features mechanics similar to other titles in the genre – a mix of melee, long-distance, and magical combat with the exploration of the world in search of resources.

Explore uncharted lands in RPG gameplay

New World game opens a completely new world to the player, filled with quests and other activities to do. The island of Aeternum is a brave new land, full of mystery and terror. The players’ job will be to create a settlement to colonize the unexplored regions of the island. These dark corners of the land ae inhabited by monsters called the Corrupted – born of the evil living beneath the surface of Aeternum. They will do anything in their power to hinder the players’ progress.

New World Game

However, the player will not be helpless against the threats awaiting them In the new world. The colonizers will have at their disposal a variety of melee and long-range weapons – swords, spears, crossbows, muskets, and more. Due to the island’s magical influence, the player will be able to use arcane techniques.

The task of building a civilization on an island inhabited by monsters will not be easy, but the player won’t have to do it alone. Other players can be valuable assets in the quest to colonize Aeternum. The players can band together within different factions, creating companies. Each company is comprised of players of various specializations – commanders, soldiers, craftsmen, etc. However, the player should choose their companions carefully – as easily as they can be made, alliances can be broken as well: today’s friends can be tomorrow’s enemies.

The conquest of the Eternal Isle

The 1600s. With the discovery of a mysterious island, Aeternum, the world known to man has expanded. Many had set sail to this brave new world, looking for glory and opportunity for a better life. What had seemed to be a paradise, soon turned sour, as the island revealed its true nature – monstrous Corrupted, spawns of the evil simmering beneath the surface of the island, became the thorns in the colonizers’ side. No more dangerous than the monsters were other humans – factions began to form, fighting against each other for Aeternum’s resources. As a new arrival in this new land, you will have to choose – try to survive on your own or band with other settlers and take on the wilderness together.

New World Amazon Game


The initial impression of New World  was rather positive. The reviewers noted the ambitious sandbox nature of the game as its main selling point, followed by solid MMORPG gameplay mechanics and beautiful graphics.

Key features

Enter the new, unexplored world and face its dangers

Fight for survival against the evil waiting in the dark corners of the land

Use melee and long-range weapons as well as magic to defeat the Corrupted

Explore Aeternum for resources to strengthen your settlement

Join factions and create companies with other players to ensure your survival

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