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A long-forgotten hero came back from the dead with a really powerful blaze. Sumo Digital, a developer which in 2012 created Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, one of the best titles in the entire Sonic series – were able to make another awesome sonic racing game. Team Sonic Racing is an arcade racing game in which you’re going to participate in a crazy competition filled with fun and tons of laughs that can be shared together with your friends. The game also marks the resurgence of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise into mainstream entertainment that will result in a Sonic the Hedgehog: Live Action movie.





TSR is a fast-paced racing game which combines elements of arcade gameplay, with an interesting adventure and a competitive online multiplayer. You can easily compare this video game to similar titles such as Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing. An important part of the races are power-ups, known here as wisps. There are also 14 offensive and defensive items which the player can use to get an advantage and turn the tides of the race. A great example might be speed boosts which can momentarily increase your speed.


Game modes & Characters


As a racing game, Team Sonic Racing™ provides the player with many offline and online game modes such as adventure mode, where Sonic and his friends participate in a mysterious Grand Prix created by Dodon Pa. There also are Team Adventure Mode, Exhibition Mode, Time-Trial Mode, Grand Prix Mode and many others. You can also enjoy the online multiplayer or invite your friends to your house and play in a up to 4 players split screen mode.

Team Sonic provides you with fifteen most popular characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. You can participate in races as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy and Rouge among others. Furthermore, each character falls into one of three classes: Power, Technique, and Speed. The type of the character class impacts the driving style of player’s hero.





A fast-paced racing game for the entire family.

Customization which allows you to modify your vehicle.

Tons of modes for both offline and online gaming.

15 fan favourite characters.

14 power-ups for you to use.

Race as a team and win together with your friends.

Enjoy the adventure mode.

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