WWE 2K20 Standard Edition

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WWE 2K20 is a wrestling video game and the 21st game since the introduction of the series in 2000. Filled with features, such as professional contestants from the original WWE stage or a career mode won’t let you rest till you become a real super wrestling star. You can choose whom to fight with from up to 190 wrestlers including John Cena, The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Sasha Banks or Nikki Bella.


WWE 2K20 game features a realistic atmosphere from live tournaments with lifelike audiences reacting to your every move. The crowd can cheer you up in the situations of success or boo you completely when you fail or your opponent makes fun of you. Real-time commentators additionally improve the experience and the feeling of realism with their witty comments about the contestants and emotional responses to the action taking place in and out of the ring.

Many game modes to choose from

Choose career mode, here named MyCareer, where you create your own WWE star called MyPlayer in the character creator, or pick one of the already prepared presets. Afterward, you need to climb the ladder for the belt and fame, and sometimes you may even need to use that ladder to beat your opponents on the ring. For the first time in the game series, you will be able to complete the career mode with a female and male fighter.

Your second option of gameplay is the 2K SHOWCASE MODE: THE WOMEN’S EVOLUTION, where you will live through events from the rise of the career of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch in 15 matches in which you will also be able to unlock characters, clothes and more.

Additional game modes include the Universe mode, where you will be able to build and manage your own company with custom fights and your own shows, the 2K Towers Mode, in which you, with a chosen Superstar or your MyPlayer fight against a string of opponents, where each tower has different attributes and challenges.

Online lobbies

Pairing up with people with similar match preferences and your friends became much easier with the return of online lobbies. Here you can create a room with specific settings which people can join, in order to quickly start playing.

Changes in controls

The developers made improvements in the control system to make it easier for new players to jump into the game, and perform certain moves but at the same time will still be challenging for the fans of the series. The changes additionally make it easier to input the right combination to make sure players have an easier time in performing the right moves.

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